CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Mohd Al Adam


If food is your jam and movies are your guilty pleasure, Mohd Al Adam, or Adam as he prefers to be known as, may just be your kind of guy. With a love for anything film and food, let this 6-foot-one film maker be your movie guide.


The universal rule is: show, don’t tell. Also, I really love stylised and conceptual stuff, but I believe that substance is the most important thing in making a good movie.

What kind of movies do you wish to create?

All kinds: Action movies, gangster movies, sci-fi movies, romance, comedy, or what people would call ‘artsy’ movies. I just think there are too many avenues to explore before being set on doing just one thing.

I used to think it was coming up with a super cool idea or story. But now, I think my favourite part [about creating a film] is the collaborative part, because that’s when I get to work with and have fun with other people.
– On his favourite part of the film-making process.

What challenges do you face as an aspiring film maker in Malaysia?

In a very ‘conservative’ community, it’s hard to find the fine line between what’s acceptable and what’s not. And I personally like to draw upon history as references, but there’s a very limited amount of literature and documentation on Malaysia from the last few centuries.

T-shirt and windbreaker, Adam’s own

What movies have you been interested in lately?

Black and white movies. The last one I watched was La Haine.

What’s the one thing about you that surprises people?

The amount of food I can eat. I’ll be on my third plate at the buffet and my sisters will be staring at me, wondering how I don’t gain any weight

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I’d probably spend the extra time meditating or doing something meditative, like drawing. It’s important to reset your mind so it can function optimally. And might as well have another meal for the day to fuel you through the extra hours being awake.

Pick a movie for your next date.

Off the top of my head, I’d pick La La Land. Or maybe The Shape Of Water since I haven’t seen it yet. But if she has an acquired taste, maybe something like Basquiat, the one with David Bowie in it. If all else fails, then we’ll just watch Toy Story. Everyone loves Toy Story.