CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Sharmine Ishak

Sharmine Ishak, 32, Public Relations and Branding Manager

Very few people know that Sharmine Ishak is actually a trained filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, and he does a lot of writing in his free time. When he’s not busy with that, Sharmine runs an Instagram series called #SharmineIshakEatsTheWorld, which is a shrine to all of his most memorable food and travel experiences.

If you have a restaurant, what would it serve?

I’ve always had a love affair with soups – any kind from Western cream-based soups to double-boiled lotus and peanut Chinese soup. When done right, soup never fails to hit the spot, and I would love to get creative and churn out a few fresh takes on traditional stews and broths. Sriracha and cheddar chili con carne, anyone?

The most interesting things you’ve tried?

My favourite foods tend to be the ones I remember the most: foods that take guts to eat. I’ve some of the most interesting (and borderline vile) eats out there like mealworms, scorpions, balut, starfish, and even rooster testicles. Did you know roosters have testicles? Now you do.

It’s the thrill of not knowing the other person, and being given this opportunity to bond, explore, and discover more about each other. There’s something special about being able to stare into the eyes of the other person and wonder what makes them who they are.

– Sharmine on the best parts of a first date.

One thing you’d change in this world?

The greatest hindrance to our advancement, as a human race, is the mindset that we are not capable of changing the world because we are just one person. If I could change how we think of ourselves, moving away from us as an individual to us as a species, I believe we could think, act, and come together to do amazing things.

How can someone win a gold star with you?

Kindness goes a long way. I’m attracted to people who act from the heart, doing what they believe they can do to make the world a better place. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture though; I can appreciate someone who is able to listen, understand, and support someone in their time of need. These little things mean the most to me.

What’s your signature dish?

I learned to make a really mean beef stew in my ‘20s, which ironically, I learned from a cookbook called “I Hate To Cook”. I wish I was making this up, but the beef stew was so easy to execute that it’s become the one dish I can pull off in my sleep.