CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Virgel Augustine Sta Maria

Virgel Augustine Sta Maria, 26, Entrepreneur

Virgel Augustine Sta Maria’s an explosive, silly host with a humorous personality on the Hype Global TV and his vision for the channel is to able to create content that will educate Malaysians. As someone who understands his responsibilities, he doesn’t mess around when it comes to taking good care of his woman – especially if she’s a thrill seeker like him!

Someone who truly understands you would know that you’re a….

Person with good intentions and ever willing to do anything thrill seeking!

Where do you want to travel solo?

I was lucky to have travelled when I was a cabin crew but if I could, I would travel the world by train. Accompanied by my books and experiencing the world from the tracks, that would be the ultimate trip.

What makes a man?

A man that possesses discipline, who understands his responsibilities and who takes good care of his woman.

My snow cap, as it belonged to my late brother. I keep it close to me, and I can still feel his presence through the cap.

– Virgel on his most treasured possession.

Describe your idea of a good time?

All I’d need is a good book, a cup of steaming hot coffee, some peace and quiet surrounded by nature.

One thing you’d change in this world?

People’s perspectives. As the saying goes, “the true value of humanity means more than monetary value”.