Meet Bachelor #27: Vin Chee

Vin Chee, 24, Owner of Shooting Academy Malaysia and Magician

How did Shooting Academy Malaysia came to be?

The gun industry in Malaysia is heavily underdeveloped. We hope to educate and raise awareness on ways to responsibly handle guns and in the process, search for talented shooters who can one day compete at an international arena.

What is something uncommon that most people do not know about shooting, as a hobby?

It’s good practice to improve your accuracy.

Tell us about your first crush.

I’ve never confessed to her back in high school and she ignored me for two years. But we ended up dating, two years later.

What do you like most about the dating process?

When we are able to be ourselves.

What is the best magic trick you’ve ever executed?

I burnt a piece of tissue in a café and it instantly became a rose and gave it to a friend!

What inspires you to move forward in life?

To have a better life and to be able to take care of others.

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