Meet Bachelor #4: Benjamin Rynjah

Benjamin Rynjah, 26, Regional Brand Manager 

Describe your idea of a perfect weekend.

I’m a big fan of BBQ’s so if there was one entire day dedicated to laughs, drinks and great food with the team and then one to recover – I’d be a happy man.

Which three actors would you have a boy’s night out with?

Seth Rogan, Aziz Ansari and Louie CK. I don’t know if we’d all get along but they’re my favourite actors, hands down. If it didn’t work out at least I’d have a 2/3 chance of being mentioned in one of their stand up comedy acts.

If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would you pick?

I wish I didn’t like fried chicken so much. Or, to have a better metabolism so that I could eat more fried chicken.

Does size matter?

Not really unless you’re talking about food portions.

What is your favourite book? Why?

I grew up loving the Adrian Mole series, but if it had to be abook, it would have to be Shantaram. To think that somebody actually lived the life as written in the book will never cease to amaze me.

Complete this sentence: “All men should have __________ as an accessory.”

A good watch.

What is the most thoughtful gift you’ve given?

I recently gave a birthday present to my partner where I got all her friends from around the world to record a short video wishing her happy birthday. I then compiled them and turned it into a mini movie. Took a while to make happen with all the editing but I got it done a few hours before her birthday dinner!

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