[EXCLUSIVE] Jeremy Zucker Talks Finding His Calling And Highlighting Mental Health

Jeremy Zucker started making music in his bedroom

There’s something about Jeremy Zucker that will have you hooked, and the fans at the sold out KL show can attest to that. He’s got that eclectic pop sound that will soothe and lift you up so prepare to be stuck in a trance.

He started making music in the comfort of his bedroom and said that it helped shape his sound. “I only started working in the studio about a month ago,” he explains, “but there’s something about starting out making music in my own room that made me braver to explore different sounds.” His songs often speaks right to your soul, with lyrics so raw that relating to them becomes easier.

Jeremy came down to KL last month to play a sold out show at The Bee. We caught up with him to find out how he switched from being a medical student to an artist and how important it was for him to highlight mental health.

Watch the full interview below.