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Fight For The Future: Meet The Founders Of Picha Project

The Picha Project was named after the young Myanmar kid who has been at the centre of this movement since its inception in January 2016. Jubilant, positive and always ready for a hug, Pita is the youngest son of the first refugee family who joined hands with Picha Project to empower refugees in Malaysia through a sustainable food business.

Recently crowned as the winner of Chivas Venture Malaysia, the trio now has a chance to compete for the USD 1 million worth of funding at the global finale in Amsterdam on May 24. As they prepare for world domination (but in the best way, of course), we speak to the founders of The Picha Project who have collectively serve more than 50,000 meals in Malaysia on how they’ll continue to spread their good vibes.

Lim Yuet Kim, 28, Lee Swee Lin, 25, Suzanne Ling, 25 

(CEO, CFO, CMO) and Co-Founders of Picha Project

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1. Can you tell us a little bit about the incident that pushed you to establish this organisation?

We were volunteering our time to a refugee learning centre and realised a lot of kids drop out of the learning centre. In our curiosity, we came to understand the problem in the homes themselves and realised they faced big financial problem because their parents were not allowed to work or couldn’t work due to health issues. So the kids themselves had to start doing odd jobs to finance the family. We also realised that most of them could cook because it was their basic living skills to cut cost staying in Kuala Lumpur. So we created a platform to allow refugees that can cook in Malaysia to cater to the public – that way it can help them to gain a sustainable living to sustain their lives in Malaysia and Malaysian gets to eat as well.

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