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“How I Survived Breast Cancer” — #TeamCLEO Speaks To Hiba About Her Journey

One in 19 women will develop breast cancer once in their lifetime.

According to The Star Malaysia, there are many factors that contribute to breast cancer and women with breast cancer in their family are at a higher risk of developing it. Women who experienced period at an early age or menopause earlier than usual are also at risk.

However, with the ever growing technology development these days, women are able to catch breast cancer at an early stage and start treatment as soon as possible. With October being breast cancer awareness month, #TeamCLEO has reached out to Hiba; a young breast cancer survivor who find out about her condition just a week before her 25th birthday.

This is Hiba’s story:

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The Diagnosis

Hiba with her then-boyfriend (he proposed at the end of her chemo cycle!)

“The first thing that came to my mind when my breast surgeon told me that I have breast cancer was, ‘Is my mum okay?’. My father had passed a month before my diagnosis, so I wanted to stay strong for her. When it came to laying out my options, I told my Doctor to lay out my treatment plan for me and to not sugarcoat things. I wanted to know exactly what I was getting myself into and how would I go about preparing for it.”

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