CLEO’s Coolest Creatives: Shyahida Nawar And Syahnan Anuar of Bogus Merchandise

If there’s anything Syahida Nawar and Syahnan Anuar’s relationship has proven, it’s that the couple that create together, stays together. The duo, who sometimes act as each other’s hairstylists, run their home-grown silkscreen printing brand, Bogus Merchandise from the Zhongshan Building in Kampung Attap, one of the busiest artist hub in Kuala Lumpur.

Whenever they’re not putting their brains together for their commissioned works, they experiment with different techniques of silkscreen printing, on different mediums as well as run creative workshops for students, DIY enthusiasts and the likes.


With our work, we wished to contribute to a healthy and sustainable economy. We want our work to sustain ourselves but at the same time, contribute to others through our workshops, or by learning and sharing our ideas as well as skills with the community.

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The secret to making this relationship work is that we have no secrets; we’re just like any other couple. We fight and argue often but that’s the most important thing: our disagreements always help us understand each other better. So much so that our tag line is “Di Bogus, kita sentiasa bergaduh” (At Bogus, we’re always arguing).

Life, is our biggest inspiration. The complexity of the life always ignites the spark for a barrage of new ideas. Life doesn’t always make sense but what’s great about it is that we can all do something to make it more sensible; to make world a better place for all beings.

Honesty goes hand in hand with creativity in this team. We always encourage each other to push the boundaries but we don’t agree to each other’s ideas, just because. We’re honest with our feedback, we’re willing to understand and listen to each other… and of course, we argue.