[EXCLUSIVE] Getting To Know Boy Azooga

Boy Azooga


Boy Azooga didn’t start out like a usual band, there was no gathering of friends who wanted to play music together. They kind of fall into the limbo of a solo project and a band. Their inception came from the band’s lead Davey Newington who started it as a side project but has slowly turned into one of UK’s hottest up and coming bands.

#TeamCLEO got a chance to speak to Davey before he came down to KL for Urbanscapes. Davey spoke about their inspirations and the transition he went through from being a one-man show to a full on band. When we asked what Boy Azooga would like to bring to the audience, he simply mused, “Some hip shaking and head scratching.”


What would you consider your biggest inspiration/muse?

I find inspiration comes from all kinds of places and at funny times. I guess the most common thing is when you experience a piece of art that you think is amazing, whether it’s a song or a book or a film and it makes you want to create something beautiful yourself.


How do you write songs? Does it usually come from one idea or a melody?

I usually try and make sure the song stands up with just a guitar or piano, then everything else added is a bonus. Sometimes songs will come from a drum beat or a sample though. It’s good to mix it up, I think. Loner Boogie was me trying to write a song using just one string on my guitar. 


Creating songs involves putting a lot of your personal sentiments into it. How do you feel about stripping bare and showing the real you to the world?

Without sounding too cheesy I think it really helps me sort stuff out in my head. When you’re sad or worried or excited it’s amazing to have this thing to just pour all of  your feelings into.


What do you think makes a good song? 

It’s quite hard to say because I love all different types of songs but the thing I gravitate towards most is good melody. 


Are there any artistes that have influenced your music? 

Yeah, so many. My main inspirations would be The Beatles, David Axelrod, Beach Boys, Ty Segall, Ariel Pink, Neil Young, Weyes Blood, The Avalanches and beyond. 



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How was the transition into a band like? Did you guys find it hard in any way? 

The other guys in the band are such good musicians it was easy learning all the stuff. We rehearsed a lot before we gigged. I feel like the hardest thing was getting used to being a frontman cause I’d been playing drums in bands for years and suddenly I had to talk to crowds and work pedals and stuff. I feel a lot more comfortable now though.


Why do you think “Loner Boogie” resonated with people so much? 

It’s a pretty straightforward song really and you don’t have to dig to find the meaning. I guess everyone feels lonely or worries about loneliness. 


For the first album, all the songs were already written before the formation of the band. But now with the second, you guys are coming with ideas and working together for the first time. How does that feel?

It’s great, we have recorded a new single and besides that we all played on and it feels more like a band.


Is there a second album coming soon? What can we expect from it? What can we look forward to at your show?

The second album is on the way, our friend the genius Eddie Al-Shakarchi is mixing and producing again. There’s quite a heavy Beatles influence on it. In the meantime we have a single coming out in November and more on the way. We can’t wait to play for you, we’ll be playing a bunch of songs off our first album and some new bits. See you soon!