Meet CLEO Hot Shot 2019: Safiyya Azman

Safiyya Azman, 31, Co-Founder and Director of TresGo sdn bhd (tresgo)

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Safiyya Azman was perfectly comfortable working in the corporate world as a practising lawyer, but she felt there was more she could do with her strengths. Jumping into the e-commerce world seemed like a natural career progression to Safiyya and her co-founder that she never turned back since. With the ever-evolving digital space, she also found that online shopping was huge, and it just made sense to delve into the operations side of e-commerce companies.

Please describe what it is you are and/or what you do.

I am the Co-Founder of a fulfilment company called TresGo. I am also part of the management team doing the actual physical work in TresGo. For example, I pack boxes, unpack boxes, fulfil orders, bubble wrap products for an order and any and all other jobs that need to be done.

How was it when you were first starting out? How did you first start out?

I was a practising lawyer for three years and my co-founder and friend, Nadhra Fauzi, was an investment analyst. We were both very much in the corporate world. We started out by just discussing business ideas because we knew our strengths could be better utilised by running a company.

What made you decide to pursue what you’re currently doing? 

We were tossing between ideas for almost a year. We decided on starting a fulfilment company because we saw that the future is in e-commerce and most things will be automated, and instead of going into the retail end, we recognised that we are not good at marketing or production of a product but rather, we would be better in operations. We were both quite determined with starting TresGo together, however we could not have done any of this without the immense unconditional emotional support from our parents.

We read that your specific target is millennials. Why do you think millennials are starting to sell items online?

Millennials are starting to sell online because of many reasons, from what we gather. Firstly, the number of people buying online is increasing as there is more variety online and everything is at your fingertips. Therefore, millennials saw that there is a need in the market to produce and millennials are a very creative generation. It is inevitable that they would start their own company selling various products online. Plus, being an online seller, you can make any place your office!

“[My co-founder and i] were tossing between ideas for almost a year. We decided on pursuing a fulfilment company because we saw that the future is in e-commerce and most things will be automated.”

How do you plan to innovate your business with the rapidly increasing rate of technological advancement?

We innovate by doing a combination of being involved in operations daily which gives us an insight on how to make operations more efficient. We visit different operations facilities to give us ideas on how to make improvements. We are invested by a freight forwarder and we have an in house IT team that carries out improvements on our system to make sure we are keeping up with the latest technology development in cloud fulfilment, all enabled by our system which created ourselves, called “ForTres”.

Can you tell us more about how TresGo helps your clients build on their business? What are some of your special offerings?

Imagine being someone who sells online. You would have to look into the production of your product, marketing, sales and fulfilment of those orders (the operations side). In reality, their core business is in production, sales and marketing. They would be wasting their resources if they were to fulfil the orders themselves, and it is such a headache. This is where TresGo comes in. We take away their back end operations by keeping their stock and fulfilling their online and offline orders, all for only roughly RM10 per order (Peninsular delivery). All our costs which include storing, inbound, packing and delivery can be covered by charging their customer RM10 for delivery. Using TresGo is cheaper by 40 percent than doing your own fulfilment!

Tell us the things about your business that you hope sets you apart from other people doing the same thing.

We are customisable, which means we cater to our clients’ different needs in terms of packing and operations (eg. we do outlet-to-outlet distribution as well, we don’t just do fulfilment).

What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge is having to constantly enhance ForTres without having our clients paying to use the system, and expanding both technologically and physically given the limited resources that we have and having extremely small margins.

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