CLEO Hot Shots 2016: Meet Dasha Logan


Dasha Logan, 29, Singer

Whether it’s a Top 40 pop hit or an ’80s classic, Dasha Logan can always be heard humming a tune. Coming from a musical family, Logan has always wanted to be a singer. She’s been belting it since kindergarten and all that hard work has paid off – her song “Cleverly” has even topped the UK Soul Charts! So what’s next for this bubbly singer?

“More original songs,” she says. “I want to get my story out there, and I hope it touches or inspires as many people as I can.”

How did you start believing in your work and talent?

Ever since I could hum a note, I knew I wanted to be a singer. With the support of my family, I started singing publicly in kindergarten, and that’s how my journey began.

Whose career would you like to emulate?

Adele’s. She is such a great writer, she doesn’t complicate things and has an amazing personality. She doesn’t get involved with drama and just focuses on the music.

If you weren’t a singer, what do you see yourself doing?

Probably writing. I love writing fiction.

What’s the biggest misconception about being a singer?

People tend to think that it’s easy and that it’s not a real job.

What song do you listen to that psyche you up and makes you feel strong?

It changes from week to week, but i guess my go-to song is John Mayer’s Edge of Desire, or Blistered Hands by Reign of Kindo.

Learn more about Dasha Logan in our August 2016 issue (pg.89)!