CLEO Hot Shots 2016: Meet Nur Dhia Liyana

cleo hot shots 2016 nur dhia liyana

Nur Dhia Liyana, 22, National Taekwondo Athlete

There was a time when Dhia Liyana almost did not make it to the national team. Devastated that she couldn’t maintain her winning streak, she almost called it quits. But a true champion always bounces back and, thanks to her coach’s support, she won her following tournament as well as the “Best Female Athlete” award.

Tell us a little bit about what you do and what positive impact does it bring to your community?

I am a student-athlete currently enrolled in Bukit Jalil Sports School, and also a National Taekwondo Athlete. It is a tough journey but I’m always grateful for this extraordinary opportunity. Since I brought back a gold medal for Terengganu in SUKMA Pahang 2012, the state team has gained its recognition among the nation.

If you weren’t a National Taekwondo Athlete, what else could you see yourself doing?

Most probably a baker, as I really love to bake. I could see myself selling handmade cookies and cakes in my own bakery or online.

Who or what do you compete for?

My parents. They have never stopped supporting me since day 1 and I work hard in hopes of repaying them for they’ve done for me. But of course, my passion for Taekwondo is also one of the main reasons why I am still standing in the ring today.

Do you have a mantra/motto that you live by?

As my coach always says, ” a true champion always bounces back.” And another one would be “you are your own enemy. Once you’ve defeated yourself, half the battle is won.”

How do you set your goals?

By listing down all of my targets, be it big or small, and pasting it on a place where I can see every single day. I would also write down all of my past achievements to serve as motivations.

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