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Meet Our CLEO Hot Shot 2017: Heidy Quah


On Heidy: Denim skirt and trucker jacket, Levi’s; T-shirt, Cassey Gan

We all have something to offer others. Sometimes it’s our time, words of encouragement, an act of kindness or a hug – it’s a small effort, but they can make a huge difference.

Ed’s note: Since CLEO’s interview with Heidy which happened in June, she has since travelled to London to receive the Queens Young Leaders Award 2017 (she was the only recipient from Malaysia) from the Queen of England. She updated the team about what happened — it included site visits to places like Facebook, BBC and the Commonwealth Secretariat building, and meeting the UK’s past Prime Minister Sir John Major and exchanging a few words with Queen Elizabeth herself! And imagine, she even sat down for a meal with Prince Harry himself.

Working tireless for a better society, receiving a global accolade and rubbing shoulders with current and future leaders at just 23 — this is exactly what makes Heidy a true Hot Shot! 

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Tell us a bit about what you do.

I’m currently the founder and director of a non-profit organisation called Refuge For The Refugees. RFTR is an organisation that seeks to raise awareness regarding the status of refugees in Malaysia as well as provide education for refugee children.

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