Meet CLEO Hot Shot 2018: Ann Jaafar

Ann Jaafar, 26, Illustrator and Digital Designer

Trousers, GP&J Baker x H&M; printed blouse, Ann’s own.

On social media, the paperbag represents more than just a character for Ann Jaafar. She believes that her followers should focus on her art rather than her personal life which is why she stays anonymous. Ann stays inspired by making time to daydream and embracing her surroundings; be it food, people or landscape, she transforms her observations into doodles, drawings and stop-motion videos.

What is the most important discovery you’ve made in the past year?

When I was little, I thought I was good with numbers since I enjoy Math so much and came from a family who’s really good in numbers. Naturally, I thought that I should follow my siblings. Then, I discovered I’m good at doodling. I learned to draw and make stop motion videos on my own and now I generate income via making stop motion videos for ads, wedding and others.

How do you keep creative every day?

My habits includes day-dreaming, it helps me sees the things around me in a different way, be it food, landscape or people. And I like to keep lists of my long-term and short-term goals. It bothers me seeing those unticked boxes so that’s how I trick my mind into getting things done.

“Women should support each other because it is a tough world out there. Feminism is never about being against men, it’s us against injustice in education, pay and other aspects of life that everyone should get a fair shot at.” – Ann on her view of Feminism.  

One thing you carry with you wherever you go?

My paperbag! I keep myself anonymous because I want the focus to be on my work and not me, and I value my privacy so much that I’d rather not give it up.

How can a person in your position, press for progress in an industry like yours? 

Being an influencer can spark changes. As we embarked into Industry 4.0, the creative industry should move beyond traditional business models and be a driver to spur the economy. The same interactive storytelling can even transform the education industry and make learning more interactive, fun, while making ideas easier to understand and communicate.


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