Meet CLEO Hot Shot 2018: Leong Mun Yee


Floral dress, D.D. Collective; earrings and heels, Mun Yee’s own.

As a senior diver in her team, Mun Yee has the experience to guide younger athletes to reach their dreams. She’s been committed to the sport since an early age but what made her stay on path was when she partnered up with Pandelela Rinong for the 2009 World Championships, where they brought a medal home. The learning doesn’t stop for Mun Yee and age doesn’t mean a thing in her books.

What was the most significant turning point of your career?

I’ve been diving since I was 10 and have been representing the country for 23 years. The most significant turning point of my career was the 2009 World Championships in Rome, Italy when I partnered with Pandelela Rinong to get a first ever medal for diving, in the Wold Championships.

How do you push for progress in the sports industry?

I am currently the most senior diver in the team. I hope I will be able to guide more young athletes in my team towards a higher level of performance.

Failing is never the end of the world because I believe learning doesn’t stop, no matter at what age.” – Mun Yee on how she deals with failure.

The most empowering thing about your sport?

Aside from inculcating in me the importance of discipline and independence, the sport has taught me to be mentally strong and be able to handle any kind of stress and pressure.

What is the worst setback you’ve faced in your career and how did you overcome it?

That has to be missing out on the 2016 summer Olympics. If not for it, it would have been my fifth Olympics. But there’s no use crying over split milk, all I can do is get stronger now and prepare for the next one in 2020.

Special thanks to Alila Bangsar for venue assistance during the whole production.
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