Meet CLEO Hot Shot 2018: Shalma Ainaa

Shalma Ainaa, 27, Founder of Shals and TV host

Panelled blouse, Cassey Gan; earring, Bremen Wong; blazer, trousers and heels, Shalma’s own.

Working around the clock as a full-time entrepreneur managing her clothing line SHALS and also being a part-time TV host, Shalma Ainaa respites by playing her favourite sport, futsal and travel with her loved ones. The minimalist approach to her brand has developed into a signature identity, yet Shalma aims to keep on evolving by stepping out of her comfort zone.

How have your entrepreneurial skills changed over the years?

My clothing line SHALS has been around for almost five years now and the trials and experiences have made me a more mature, as a businesswoman and a team leader.

What is your creative process like?

Since we revamped our brand three years ago, our creative process changes every single year. We’ve managed to introduce a more minimalist approach to our creative identity and establish a narrative that is reflected in all our products.

What have been the most interesting trends in the business since you’ve established your brand? 

Locally, we’ve seen bolder and more experimental approaches slowly becoming the norm, from conservative wear to couture.

One I dearly keep close to my heart, “God will award success to those who patiently works hard for it”

– Shalma on her personal mantra.

How can a person in your position, press for progress in an industry like yours? 

By being more of a risk-taker and constantly challenge myself to be out of my comfort zone.

What is the most empowering thing about your career?

Being able to represent the voice of women who inspire to be the best and wanting to make an impact of the highest level for society in every way possible.

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