Meet CLEO Hot Shot 2018: Sharina Manmohan

Sharina Manmohan, 33, Founder of Nails on Wheels

Button-down shirt, Levi’s; silicone watch, Swatch; necklace, Bremen Wong; culottes and heels, Sharina’s own.

Sharina Manmohan saw an opportunity for people who want to be pampered in the comfort of their own homes and took a chance with Nails on Wheels; the first mobile nail, waxing and massage service in Malaysia. Over the past years of growing her business, Sharina has learnt a lot as a business owner — keeping in mind of her mantra of “there are no problems, just challenges”.

What is the most important discovery you’ve made in the past year?

That there’s love and beauty in everyone. I’ve learned that when you choose to see the goodness in a person, it changes the way you think of them, and yourself. I’ve also learned to listen more, which is very important as an employer.

How do you push through your bad times?

By remembering why and how I started the business and how hard we have worked to get the brand to where it is. I also always remind myself that there are no problems, just challenges, and challenges will always have a solution.

Throughout your journey, what was unexpected?

“Wo-man power”, we didn’t realise that it was such a challenge recruiting employees, both foreign and local. Because we’re entering a client’s space, we take the selection of our team members very seriously – trust, honesty and loyalty are very important.

What role do you think your business play in pushing for progress?

I’d humbly say that we were the first to provide a full fledged mobile nail, waxing and massage services – and that’s pushing for progress as we have now taken the industry into another level. One wouldn’t have to leave the house anymore to get their nails done, so those who aren’t able to leave their homes still get the pampering they need!

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