This Malaysian Beauty Blogger Is Dedicated To Rescuing Strays And It Is Heartwarming AF

Ah, Christmas-time 2018 and it’s the time where we’re always paying it forward and doing good gestures for humankind. Whether it’s picking out a pressie for a person who we think deserves it, or cooking up a storm for your BFFs for friendmas, or going back to see your family who’ve missed you throughout the year — it’s a heartwarming time of course.

But over the past few months, the plight of a famous Malaysian beauty blogger has caught our eye and we just couldn’t turn away from it. Mina Rosli (who is famous for her gorgeous thick hair, her beautiful face, her make-up skillz, her beauty know-how and hurt-your-stomach-funny Insta persona that just won’t quit) is an animal-lover and has been the beacon of light for many abandoned pets and animals that would otherwise be stranded in the outdoors without a home.


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Some of you may know that this brown dog followed me back from Desa Park City the other day. I brought him to the vet to see if he was chipped or if he had ticks before bringing him back to my house, the vet concluded that he may have been abandoned since he was without a collar (not chipped either) when we found him. I’ve posted on Lost and Found Animals FB groups but no one came to claim him so I was sure that he didn’t have an owner at this point but someone decided to adopt him yay! I called him Brownie since I had no idea what to call him but Brownie was such a good boy even though he was hell bent on impregnating my female dogs. He is a bit dumb dumb to be quite honest as he didn’t care much about anything except for food and humping my dog ? I’ll miss the weirdo but I hope he has a fun time with his new owner 🙂

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If you follow Mina on Instagram and her Insta-Stories, you’ll see that a majority of her content now is dedicated to her rescue animals and on some days, how there is impromptu stray feeding, stray rescues, animal hospital runs and progress updates on the rescue animals in her care.

She doesn’t discriminate between cats or dogs, and she helps both kitties and puppies who are injured, diseased, stranded, need help and/or need food and love. And thanks to her efforts, these animals get medical care (out of her own pocket), love, a full tummy, loads of attention and a clean, safe space to sleep at and play in. Isn’t this amazing?!


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Yesterday, @aisha.kallahan and I drove from KL to Shah Alam to visit 9 stray puppies and 3 adults dogs. It was so heartbreaking seeing these little ones diving through garbage looking for food, their mom was so skinny but bless her heart she is still nursing them. We managed to rescue one and drove him to Seremban to his new mommy, I am so thankful for her ♥️ I’m hopeful and confident that I can re-home the puppies and their mom in the next few weeks, I can’t imagine how hard it is living on the streets with no shelter, food or water. If you are able, please help spread word about these babies and find them a forever home. I will send them to wherever you are so if you’re interested then definitely reach out to me. Thank you ♥️

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While animal healthcare is expensive, she has not asked for donations or any charity to help, thought we’d be more than happy to oblige. If you are a sincere donor or really want to adopt or help, we suggest that you contact her via Instagram and pay it forward. For now, here are just some of the heartwarming tales we’ve seen throughout her stories so we’ll get you up to speed. And honestly, these are just snapshots of the efforts of her and her friends who help out behind the scenes.

Just one of the impromptu expeditions where strays are roaming the streets hungry, and get fed

Luckily, there was an adopter for one of these puppies. People are so kindhearted!

Another stray dog Brownie who looked like he was abandoned by his owner. He needed a home and lots of TLC. He was taken in by another adopter after Mina fostered him for a while. 

At this point, we have to also say that there are way more animals that have been taken under Mina’s wing (did we do this word play right) including a feral yet tenacious little kitten that took forever to calm down but it was just because it was in a lot of pain, another stray dog called Honey Biscuit, and more (we lost track!).

Safe to say, we have a lot to learn. Animals don’t have the ability to fight back or speak up for themselves so we as humans should do it.

Throughout her months of experiences, Mina has learned an important message. We especially have something to learn from her when it comes to strays, spaying (yes,NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS, PEOPLE!) and just animal welfare in general. Here are her messages and just very #useful info.

Take your time to read, and learn how we can do better!

Adopt, don’t shop, and this is serious for the welfare of animals.

We’re totally inspired by her actions. So how will you start off your 2019?