In Episode 2 Of CLEOBuzz We Meet Ryan Reynolds And Melanie Laurent!

Sure you’ve seen a bit going on all over our social media about CLEOBuzz — but what is it exactly about? Here’s an Ed’s Note about CLEOBuzz Episode 2.

We’re still on a high from CLEOBuzz Episode 1 and as promised, we bring you even more Buzz in the biz with our second episode. Yes, we’re dedicating every second Wednesday, 3pm to bringing you CLEOBuzz so makes you’ve subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest uploads for CLEOTV and CLEOBUZZ and turn on the bell whenever we upload a video!

In this episode, we’re feeling festive! It’s a major countdown to Christmas so we’re thinking HOLIDAY ideas, the best best best gift ideas to pick up around town and where to go. We also had the very special chance to meet the cast of Netflix’s 6 Underground — Ryan Reynolds and Melanie Laurent while at their press conference in Seoul!

CLEO has been the magazine brand that has always been on top of the trends, getting you the first in the know for beauty, fashion, love and entertainment. We’re the leading Malaysian publication meant to speak up and speak out, and we wanted to bring you even more big buzz.

Hit play, take a look, and tell us everything you love about Buzz!

– Lina Esa (@leanbeans)
Editor, CLEO Malaysia


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