Get To Know TeamCLEO A Little Better In CLEOBUZZ Episode 6

You’ve seen a bit going on all over our social media about CLEOBuzz — but what is it exactly about? Here’s an Ed’s Note about CLEOBuzz Episode 6.

Huat ah! It’s still the festive season and this time around, we gathered up the team to have a roundtable discussion – Chinese New Year reunion style! Thanks to the team at Tao Cuisine, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur, we held a reunion lunch and got to know each other a little better through Aina’s creative games. Did you know that we could go so deep?!

If you’re still hungry for even more, take a look at their festive menu below. We truly recommend the Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang at Tao Chinese Cuisine – we are definitely coming back for more!

Here’s the full menu of what we ate, and if it tickles your fancy there’s a link to even more information and how you can make a reservation:
(The ones marked with ** are our faves, try them out!)

**Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang with Hakka Lei Cha Sauce

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Baby Abalone

**Tao’s Roasted Duck, Hong Kong Style

Steamed White Sultan Fish In Superior Soy Sauce

**Tok Alang Style Wok-friend Tiger Prawn

Braised Sea Cucumber, Mushroom, Crab Roe Paste and Vegetable

Steamed Rice in Mini Lotus Leaf

**Double-boiled Snow Bird’s Nest, Glutinous Dumpling, Lemongrass Brown Sugar Syrup

**Pan-Fried Ninko, Sesame Seeds, Salted Bean Paste Dumpling

(RM2,388 per table, offer valid until 8 February. Make bookings here!)

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Hit play, take a look, and tell us everything you love about Buzz.

– Lina Esa (@leanbeans)
Editor, CLEO Malaysia



Coordination (location): Yeong Hui Min (

Styling: Voon Wei (, assisted by Lim Lee Ann ( in Pomelo and others

Videography and editing: Lucas Moujing

Location: Tao Cuisine @ Intercontinental KL (

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