Cake Boss’ Take On The Ultimate Birthday Sandwich!

Why stop at cake when you’re celebrating a birthday? Since CLEO’s just turned 21, we figured it’s the perfect time to get adventurous – with the ultimate birthday sandwich! OK, maybe not that adventurous, but we’re totally in for swapping cake with sammiches, anytime. We managed to meet up with Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, and he was all for it! Check out the video below to find out what his idea of an ultimate birthday sandwich (or sandwiches? Hehe) is.



In the video, Buddy gives us two of his favourite sandwiches – a hot, and cold one!

Let’s kick things off with the first – a steak sandwich!

  • On crispy Italian bread.
  • Caramelised onions and peppers.
  • Definitely use a ribeye (fat = gooood), about an inch thick.
  • Two flips on the grill to leave the steak nice and pink on the inside.
  • Don’t be scared and let them juices run down!


Fancy a cold/cold cut sandwich instead?

  • Prosciutto mozzarella.
  • Roasted peppers.
  • Italian bread.
  • Now drizzle some olive oil over!
  • Maybe a little fresh basil?


Of course, what would a birthday sandwich be, if CLEO didn’t share a little bit on what she’d like!

Here’s CLEO’s variation of your classic cheese toastie…

  • Over low heat, melt some butter on a pan.
  • Pop in some bread, and lightly toast both sides.
  • Remove, and stack your first piece of toast with your favourite cheese (don’t be shy).
  • Cover that up with your second piece of toast.
  • Heat that sammich over low settings, until you get the perfect melt.


In the words of Buddy, badda bing, badda boom! You’re good to go for any celebratory occasion!