Take Flight With CLEO’s November 2017 Issue!

November and travel has always been synonymous for CLEO. I remember always waiting with anticipation for CLEO’s Travel Issue – there was just something about the rush of having all that inspo curated into one magazine for me to hold and archive forever.

In 2017, travel has taken on such a different meaning. We’re all so global, we travel all the time – whether we like it or not. Hopping on a plane or a bus, or traversing continents is nothing new for anyone. Just a few taps on some hashtags and you’re already transported to a far-flung destination. The very fact you’re reading this says it all – in a few swipes on your phone you’re already in my microcosm of the Internet, telling the world why it is what we do. Marshall McLuhan said it decades ago and who knew he had the prescience to predict “The Medium Is The Message”. It means that “the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey”. How true is it — you’re here, right? It means you’ve already arrived.

This time around, #TeamCLEO has taken the spirit of wanderlust in the literal and figurative sense, to help you lose yourself in our pages. In the literal sense, if you want to travel, discover the super-cool hotels of South East Asia and six London hotels you can do in six nights (a #TeamCLEO writer did it, so can you!). Send a postcard from the States and go to the coldest places in the world. Who said it all had to be bikini-weather ready?

Just as you would upgrade your seats, upgrade your life with life’s smartest hacks to get you to work right – first of all, dumb down your smartphone and you’ll get slicker at work (it works!). CLEO reader spills on getting a vaginal makeover. You read that right. How, what and where she did vaginal surgery and the price of pretty. What about which checkups to schedule and when to call your Dr ASAP? We have the answers.

Cover girl Dua Lipa was down for Good Vibes Festival and #TeamCLEO got to interview her exclusively, and got her to talk all about what makes her music and how she went from YouTube covers to mag covers. CLEO was also the ONLY Malaysian magazine to fly all the way to NYC for the launch of Fenty Beauty, and be in the presence of the one and only queen RiRi. The exclusive story is in this issue!

There’s this and so much more. Pick up your November copy and tell us what your fave story was!