11 Ways To Dress Up This Season Based On Your Party Persona

Christmas — it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Where there will be lots of parties going on and your schedule’s packed for the month.

Ah, the joy! So many parties to attend with so little choices of outfits to wear. Because who wants to be caught wearing the same old clothes for the ‘Gram, amirite? Skip the trouble from having to stand in front of your closet, cracking your head on what to wear.

We understand the struggle!

We, at #TeamCLEO alongside with Voir Gallery are here to help. We’ve rounded up 11 different ways on dressing up with clothes from Voir Gallery’s Grandeur collection based on your party persona.

Voir Gallery’s Grandeur collection features elegant designs with superior finishing —  perfect for the party season. Swipe through to find out what’s your party outfit!

If you are…

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The Social Butterfly

From left to right:  Dress, RM159, Top, RM89, Pants, RM89

You get excited whenever you meet new people and you know that attending parties is a good opportunity to do so. (Hurrah!) You’ll talk about the latest gossips and happenings and you enjoy listening to their opinions on a certain topic.

As a social butterfly, you’ll need the perfect outfit for your outgoing persona. Light colours are ideal for someone cheerful and friendly, such as these two looks above. The off-shoulder dress shows your open-mindedness while an easy-going and bubbly demeanour can be seen from its superior lace detailing.

Going for a posh look? The halter neck top with cascading ruffles is a classy piece for your holiday soireé! The top shows a sense of purity which shows that you’re sincere in making new connections at the party. Try elevating the look with a long necklace as seen on the model.

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