4 Ways To Update Your Denim

Denim undoubtedly falls into the category of basic wardrobe essentials with its ability to make just about any outfit look good. While the versatility is great, it could also come to a point where it would look too plain and boring. So, we’ve put together 4 different ways you could jazz up your favourite denim pieces, some temporary some permanent, but all uber stylish and one-of-a-kind!

Patch & Pin

Iron-on patches and metallic pins are probably one of the easiest method to give your denim some character. It’s also great for those who cannot commit to permanent modifications, all you have to do is pop them on and remove it whenever you feel like it.



Fray Away

Give your jeans or any denim pieces a rugged, worn-in look by either ripping or fraying them. If you’re a DIY dummy, watch the tutorial video below.

Pearly Jeans

Decorating your plain ol’ denim with tiny, delicate flatback pearls, using the help of some fabric glue is an easy and subtle way to give them a brand new look. You can use this method on your denim jeans, shorts, or even the back of your denim jacket. Get creative!



Mad Plaid

Have a couple of old, worn-out flannels lying around the closet? Cut them up into small pieces and secure them behind the ripped part of your denim. Now you’ll have a pair of grungy jeans with a pop of plaid you can’t get anywhere else.





Credit: brit.co / bershka.com