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7 Sweaters You Can Wear In Malaysian Weather

Just a few weeks ago we were sweltering in the heat and couldn’t think of anything better than staying indoors with our air-conditioners onfull blast. In fact, any venture outside could only be done if we were in easy breezy shorts.

Fast forward to today and much like our friends in the West, it seems like we’re undergoing the closest thing we’re going to get to fall weather. While the rainy days aren’t nearly cold enough for us to whip out scarves or knee-high boots (sigh, if only), it definitely is a lot chillier than what us tropical folk are used to.

If the wet weather (as we type this, it is POURING OUTSIDE) has put a damper in your daily mood (and made it a whole lot harder to get out of bed in the mornings—we totally feel you!), fret not as we’ve compiled 7 sweaters that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Whether the wet spell continues on or if you just need something to keep you warm in your freezing office/lecture hall (and make you look hella cute), here are our top picks:

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Holy Moly 

We get it, in Malaysia you’re always treading the fine line between sweltering in the afternoon sun and freezing in a mall. This is where keyhole-detailed sweaters make sense. Ventilation, girls. Pair with a mini skirt so you’re modest up top, and a little bit rebel down below. 

Trumpet-sleeved Jumper, RM139.95, H&M

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