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8 Korean Minimalist Tattoo Artists on Instagram You Should Follow

It’s surprising how far we’ve come from considering tattoos as symbols of rebelliousness, violence and all things negative. There are so many tattoo varieties in terms of designs and countless talented tattoo artists around the world who can achieve pretty much anything you have in mind.

But in this post, we’re gonna look into the South Korean tattooing scene that has mastered the art of delicate, minimalist inks, and seemed to have all the ladies and tattoo virgins fall head over heels for. Here, we have 8 tattoo artists and their Instagram accounts, so make sure to book your appointment the next time you visit Korea!

1. @soltattoo

From beautiful watercolour-like designs to adorable animal portraits, @soltattoo creates one-of-a-kind art pieces on bodies with needles and ink.

?솔타투 & 솔 타투 스티커? ?Soltattoo & Sol temporary tattoo?

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Sweetpea & cat . #솔타투#soltattoo

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2. @tattooist_doy

Getting a tattoo for the first time? This tattoo artist’s delicate handwork paired with his signature whimsical style will give you the most unique piece you can never get sick of.

3. @tattooist_ida

We’re most impressed by Ida’s cover-ups and touch-ups as she’s able to transform plain-and-boring to beautiful masterpieces.

#타투이스트이다 #idatattoo . 사자자리 기호 끝에 핀 심비디움 .

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#타투이스트이다 #idatattoo . Rose .

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#타투이스트이다 #idatattoo . Lily of the valley .

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4. @seoeontattoo

With whopping 207k followers on Instagram, travellers constantly flock to Seo Eon’s studio to have her designs inked permanently on their body.

5. @tattooist_flower

As her name suggests, this tattoo artist perfected the art of inking all sorts of flower designs. Coloured, black and white, or just a teeny-tiny one, look for her to get your pop of flora!

6. @playground_tat2

This tattoo artist is all about the fun and simple. The preppy designs give tattoos a modern twist and are great conversation starters.

7. @tattooist_banul

Calligraphies to line works to florals, Banul can do it all, but we think she’s best at her incredible watercolour tattoos.

: Whale ? . . #tattooistbanul #tattoo #tattooing #whale #whaletattoo #blacktattoo #타투이스트바늘 #타투 #고래타투

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8. @tattooer_dogy

A quirkier take on minimalist tattoos, Dogy is best at monochrome line works that turn heads on the streets. Not to mention, he’s pretty good looking too!

self love

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Mountains and waves

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