Check Out These Accessories Inspired By Malaysian Food!

Malaysia is a multiracial country that is rich in culture. And because of that, we get to try out different kinds of food from the many races (#blessed) — making us famous for our food.

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We love our local food so much that a local designer turned it into a dress. Now, you can show your love for our local fare by wearing them as accessories! WHAT?

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If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook recently, you may have came across pictures of these weird, but totally cute, miniature ‘ikat tepi’ drinks and wondered — what the heck is that?!

Yes, they are in fact — earrings and you can actually wear them! Surprise, surprise.


Sold by a local Facebook page called BMYTA, these earrings are actually handmade! No ear piercings? No worries. There are ear clips, keychains and even the ‘kosong’ option which is only the miniature ‘ikat tepi’ itself if you want to decorate your table with it.

The earrings come in different kinds of “flavours”, just like the usual ones you’d normally order such as Milo Ais, Teh Beng, Teh O’ Beng, Neslo and Sirap Bandung. 

But wait, there’s more! It’s not a meal without the food, amirite? Lo and behold, there are also earrings inspired by our fave nasi lemak and chicken rice!

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These mouth-watering earrings were handmade by Kelly Lee, a finalist from the Air Asia Runway Ready Designer Search 2018 and there’s also a choker version for the Nasi Lemak. If you like to heat things up, there are also chilli hair clips for you. Don’t worry, they won’t burn your hair.

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Teh ‘O’ Peng keychain

Image credit: Facebook/BMYTA

Keychain, RM18

Takeaway drinks in a literal way (not drinkable, of course)

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