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5 Instagram Stores That Are Alternatives To The High Street

Original reporting by: | Cheryl Chan


Don’t get us wrong. We love our high-street brands like ZARA and Pomelo. Trendy, well-made pieces that are affordable? Who could say no to that? But every now and then, we do have our moments where it would be nice if we didn’t turn up to work in the exact same blouse as Nicole from accounting. Or if Rachel from HR couldn’t immediately identify where our latest acquisition was from.

So, for times like these, we turn to some of the stores that we found whilst browsing on Instagram. From classic workwear basics to head-turning statement pieces, here are some alternatives we shop at when we’re just feeling a little bit extra.

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What: Stylish workwear pieces with a fashion edge


Described on their website as “a women’s ready-to-wear collection with a multidisciplinary approach”, The LOÉIL’s minimal-maximalist approach to their designs has got us raving. Take a quick scroll through their site and you’ll spot a lot of statement-making pieces like exaggerated sleeves and asymmetrical drapes that you wouldn’t necessarily find so easily on the high-street. We love that most of the clothes tend to be a bit on the modest side (read: not skin-baring), which means that you’ll be able to wear these to a conservative office space without flouting any dress codes.

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