Go Twinning With Bae Or BFF With Armani Exchange

So you're ready to take your relationship to the next level by making it official, and one of the best ways to do so is by dressing up in matching outfits. The idea of it sounds exciting and the thing is, you're not only limited to only wearing the exact same top or bottoms — but there are many endless possibilities of ways to go twinning together. It doesn't matter whether if you're currently in a relationship because twinning with le BFF is also a great idea too.


For its Fall/Winter season, Armani Exchange focuses on women who are living or always travelling between major cities around the world, with pieces and accessories that embody the modern streetwear culture of today.


Expect preppy style with a touch of athleisure — infused with elements of punk rock style. As for menswear, the streetwear components still remain with mainly oversized clothes — but the brand has taken it for a fun colourful spin where you can find pops of colours and quirky colour-blocking effects. You'll find most items of the collection ranging from sneakers to bags are embossed with the signature A|X logo, so you can easily twin your clothes with bae or BFF.


We at #TeamCLEO have curated a few ways for you to twin with your best friend or bae in Armani Exchange's Fall-Winter 2019 collection — for the different kind of situations so you both look chic and fashionable 24/7. Swipe to find out how you can match your clothes from the Armani Exchange Fall/Winter 2019 collection with your best friend or boyf!

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Brunch champions

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get all dressed up for your weekend brunch plans so you’ll look good and feel good. For this, we at #TeamCLEO have chosen the colour beige as the key colour and it is seen on the sleeveless button up top chosen for you, the beige bomber jacket for le BFF and the beige cargo shorts for bae.


Your outfit:

Armani Exchange’s sleeveless button up shirt, denim mini skirt and leather wrap belt.


Bae’s outfit:

Armani Exchange’s logo sweatshirt with cargo shorts.


BFF’s outfit:

Armani Exchange’s bomber jacket, logo t-shirt and jeans.

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