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Bags For Every Weekender Living The Slow Life

Small handy clutches are for nights when you know you’re going to end up not remembering. Whereas, on a long weekend away it’s a complete 180 – where you’re going to need more things your bag can carry! You always want to be prepared when packing for a short-trip. You can’t pack too little, and neither can you pack too much!

Your friend who’s driving will definitely give you a slanted eye if he or she sees you dragging 3 luggage bags for a 3-day trip, leaving no space whatsoever in the back seat for their backpacks!

[soliloquy id=”20185″]

A weekender’s bag has to be sturdy, to be able to rough through any kind of adventure. Yet still be stylish enough to keep you attached to it. You may find yourself obsessed with our practical picks that we would love to style into our weekend gear.

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