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Birthday Ensembles To Dance All Night In

It’s either you plan a birthday outfit from head-to-toe way ahead of time or you have nothing to wear at all – there’s no in between, folks. When it comes to a birthday gig, the best option is to wear an outfit that will last you the whole night through. No matter what you don’t want to do to celebrate, your friends will inevitably get you drunk off the charts.

Be prepared for all the unexpected birthday shots from friends and strangers and try not to wear any piece of clothing that’s too tight for you to even walk! If not wearing a bag is an option, go for it. If you need to carry certain things, try to find a cross-body bag or a clutch to go with your look. No shoulder bags please – ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you’re still in need of some inspiration, e’ve put together some ideas for your next big birthday bash:

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