Brought To You By Shoppr: Embrace Your Inner 90’s Clueless Girl

If you grew up in the 90s or simply just an avid fan of the era’s pop culture, there is no question that the film is known for its adventurous looks that are still relevant today in 2k17. Top to bottom plaid prints, colour block sweater vests, knee-high socks under mary jane pumps. The original Queen Bees of high school, way before Blair Waldorf took over the reign with her headbands.

From Cher’s iconic wardrobe system that was way beyond our techological reach at that point in time, girls like me could only dream. Other than that, you will surely remember the fluffy pink maribou-feather pen owned by the one and only Cher Horowitz.

And her best friend Dionne’s major breakdown as she took the wrong turn into the opposite direction on a freeway, that had her boyfriend Murray and Cher screaming their from the pits of their stomach.

From a makeover with good intentions, to Tai taking the spotlight away from Cher. Dionne and Cher’s project of turning Tai, a student who just got transferred to their school into one of the cool girls.

Dress up like Cher and the gang to re-live the 90s with our picks below:

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