Brought To You By Shoppr: Fashion Picks Below RM150 To Add A Fresh Look To Your Wardrobe

Turning over a new leaf this year has me subconsciously thinking of new styles to adopt and to build up some guts to strut. Post-wardrobe wipe-out, I’m always looking out for fresh additions to my outfit.

After going through pieces in my closet I regret I ever laid my eyes on to pieces I thank my past-self for actually splurging on, the beginning of the year makes it the perfect time to refresh! Especially with so many things you probably have planned for the rest of the year. If you know you’re not adventurous in the accessories section, why not opt for an accessory that best suits you. Never underestimate, an accessory can lift up a basic look to a chic ensemble!

Find our picks below that you can shop for under RM150:

[soliloquy id=”23328″]

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