Buy It: 5 Ways To Ace The Layered Necklace Trend

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In the massive realm that is the fashion world, trends never stay static. With the world in a constant state of flux (are dad sneakers cool or not? What is the colour trend for the year??), when you really think about jewellery trends, they're sort of blips on the radar. Only major ones get noticed and become the beacon of a fashion season. (Shoulder-duster earrings of 2010, anyone?).

Now, no matter what your skin tone, and whatever fashion trend has come and gone, delicate gold chains have come and are here to stay. The way these fine strands can really make a statement is when they're layered up -- making it easily mouldable to your personal style and what your outfit needs.

Of course, there are a few ways to go about it! Either keep it simple by layering a few delicate pendants together, or dress it up with flashy, thicker-chained necklaces. If you really want to go the #extra mile, combine the two styles for a true statement lewk. Take a cue from some of our fave Insta-queens who are totally rocking the layered necklace trend:

Kylie Jenner pairs her chains with matching gold eyes, a simple nude crop top... oh, and blue hair.

Bieber's beau Hailey Baldwin keeps it simple with a plain white tank to go with her delicate gold necklaces!

CLEO October 2017 covergirl Emily Ratajkowski combines denim and off-shoulders with layered bling.

Pretty Little Liar Shay Mitchell dresses it up in flare pants, and a low cut tie top that shows off her tan and gold! 

Here's where you can get your own pieces:

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Necklace Crescent Star Layer Swarovski Crystals 925 Sterling Silver,  RM179.20, Elli Germany at Zalora

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