Buy It: Remember That Cool Girl On The Block?

Image: Julia Dang’s Instagram

Compiled by Cheryl Law

We all know that one girl in school who always looked cooler than the rest of us, even though we wore the same uniform. It wasn’t because she was the head cheerleader or captain of the basketball team — she just looked the height of cool then. If you asked her, she’d flip you a nonchalant smile and just say, “Oh, yeah, I made some adjustments to the uniform.” Of course, we all wanted to own a slice of that cool factor.

School may be out for most of us, but we can finally own that “too cool for school” aesthetic. Take cues from Swedish fashion blogger/vlogger, Julia Dang in recreating the look. This chic yet tough outfit totally screams “take me home” and we can’t help but say yes! Our favourite part of the look? Those patent platform boots that totally spice up this feminine ensemble.

Read on to find out how you can be too cool for school:

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Shades add that extra element of ‘cool’, and you can’t go wrong with a cat-eyed pair.

Luxe: Cat-eye Sunglasses from Mango, RM93.90

Less: Valentina Sunglasses from Monki (in-stores), RM40


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