CLEO Fashion Awards 2017: Best Second Skin


because no one understands your body as well as them.

When we think lingerie, we think ‘sexy’ and ‘comfort’ and no one has nailed it on the head like Triumph. They’ve taken lingerie as wearable art to the next level – as attested by their new collection, The Festive Collection, a series of second skin in jovial colours and ultra-comfy fabric.

For a truly decadent and femme fatale look, go for their Aqua Festive range in the collection. Inspired by art nouveau, their rich and bold embroidery detailing coupled with a deep-V design will have your man’s heart racing in delicious anticipation.

If you’re seeking maximum comfort while feeling your absolute best, try the Beauty-Full Butterfly Glam selection. Their signature Butterfly design, with extra high-side panels and unique 45-degree angled wings, will have your “girls” looking even more alluring.

If you’re less opulent and more normcore, the Invisible collection may just be the perfect fit for you. Lightly decorated in delicate floral lace, the pieces are lightweight for maximum breathability while staying fashionable.

So, what are you waiting for? Highlight your best assets and lift up your holiday spirit with these second skin pieces you won’t want to miss.

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The Aqua Festive bra in mars black

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