CLEO Shoe Drop 2017: Nelissa Hilman

It’s September, and the CLEO Shoe Drop 2017 has already dropped! This time around, we’ve made virtual a reality, where you tap, catch and collect shoe points to nab yourself FREE shoes every day! The highest score of the day WINS!

This year, you have the very exclusive chance to cop yourself a pair of FREE Nelissa Hilman shoes. And if you haven’t heard of this amazing local brand or worn a pair of Nelissas before, then you have to know. Now.

See you next year KLFW ?? #mkxnhlebaran

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Nelissa Hilman is an engineer-turned-shoemaker, who by a stroke of fate pursued shoemaking at the POLIMODA Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy which opened her world to the immense world of art and fashion. Combining her passion for science and arts, she established her namesake footwear label, Nelissa Hilman in 2012.

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Each pair of Nelissa Hilman is handcrafted as an homage to the heritage of Malaysia’s shoemaking world. Each Nelissa Hilman derives from a foundational concept of artisanship, with minimalist modernism and the pursuit of playfully everyday pieces, which end up being mainstays in a woman’s wardrobe.

Now at the forefront of the local fashion scene, Nelissa Hilman has just released its newest collection. The Fall 2017 campaign, shot by Zhong Lin, explores the tone and perspective of redefining women empowerment. It is an illusion that emphasises her quirkiness, strength and celebrates her beauty. Take a peek at some of the pieces, below:

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The main teaser for the Nelissa Hilman F/W 2017 collection

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