[CLEO Xmas Gift Guide 2018] Stay Comfy, Look Stylish This Season With Cloudsteppers

As Christmas is near approaching, that means the year is coming to an end. The year-end means holidays! Festive cheer! Work bonus! Whether you’re planning to go for a holiday or on a shopping spree (year-end sale!), the last think you’ll think about is your precious feet that will be walking and taking you places. Also, don’t forget your bae, beloved family members and your BFFs who will be tagging along with you.

In this world, there are two types of people — those who are willing to trade style for comfort and those who will not. But what if we say that you can have both?

Yup, you got that right.

With the Cloudsteppers range by Clarks, looking stylish while feeling comfortable is more than possible.

Step Allena Lo, RM254

This Christmas, treat yo’self and your loved ones with Cloudsteppers, and no one’s feet will have to suffer from all those long walks anymore. Step out lightly and look super chic while you’re at it!

Step Move Hi, RM311

So what makes these shoes a must-have?

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they’re fun

For those who are all about looking fashionable, the Cloudsteppers come in bold and vibrant colours. The shoes allow you to take risks when it comes to styling your everyday outfit — if you love experimenting with new styles! Hit the play button to see how we’ve styled the shoes in the video below.


#TeamCLEO’s styling tip: Grab a brightly-coloured top (or you can opt for rainbow as seen in the video) and wear it with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Then, put on a washed-out denim jacket and finish the look by taking out the craziest pair of socks that you can find in your closet!

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