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#CLEOTries Styling Up The Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

It’s the ’90s. You unfold your teenaged self out of bed and reach for your Calvin Kleins and tuck yourself into your favourite Levi’s, pull on some Nikes and settle in for some  Gameboy games for the next four hours. Icons that are etched in your mind and still live on. Nike was built for a world that didn’t know needed it — and as a brand that endures, it caters to athletes, regular people, gym rats, and now sneakerheads.

The Nike Epic React Flyknit was the debut silhouette that showcased Nike’s responsive, do-everything foam to running (see reviews on the sneaker’s performance below…), and it was reimagined as Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 early this year, in January. The colorways, “8-bit” and “Pixel,” draw inspiration from the vibrant tones of the ’90s tech world, and feature a white-to-lime gradient midsole, a hyper pink-to-white outsole and a sapphire heel clip.

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The Nike Epic React Flyknit “8-Bit” (grey) and “Pixel” are nods to the world of ’90s tech. How nostalgia!

Just like this era where we’re do-everything, Nike was able to create cushioning that was soft yet responsive, basically revolutionising how we move, react, run and perform. Beyond just running — this sneaker is so good-looking that you can’t help but to wear it everywhere and with everything.

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When we pulled them on, the word that immediately popped to mind: “Play”. It’s that moment you pull on your trainers and you hit the pavement or hit the circuit or be a little playful. You set the rules, let your body take you further.

Play with the rules of style — you can wear the sneakers with a frou-frou skirt and a Nike workout camisole on backwards

Movement is play in motion — stay on the heels of your next meeting or appointment or if you’re just simply chasing time, these are the sneakers to do it in.

Softly does it, with a pair of sneakers that take you everywhere

Now this is the question: how does the sneaker wear? With Nike’s research and development, they created cushioning that’s not just soft (soft = pillow = absorb force, right?) but also gives energy return. It’s immediately felt through the heel which is bouncy and reactive — which makes you feel like you’re walking on air.

“When tested in the Nike Sports Research Lab against other running foams, the data proved that Nike React foam reins superior in energy return. The foam alone delivers 13 percent greater energy return than Nike’s latest generation of Nike Lunarlon foam.” — based on the evidence and information in this Nike article.

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Go to newer heights — it’s comfortable, designed for any foot, light as air, looks 100%

Performance packed into a pretty package — we wore these shoes for five days straight (day and night) and never felt a twinge of pain, tiredness or aches in the legs. Not only did it get a lot of compliments “Oh my god those are so nice!” “Yeah, I know, they’re gorgeous, right?” after, a HIIT session at our local circuit training club, the energy return really helped in improving performance. Other sneakers (of competing brands) were so uncomfortable that they had to be kicked off mid-way, these were the complete opposite. The 5 intense minutes on the treadmill were made bearable, and any movement involving bouncing (squat-jumps, burpees, box jumps and the like…) felt weightless.

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Skirt, sweater and sneakers — how would you hype your kicks?

It’s not just reacting or acting, it’s enduring. Nike React technology is Nike’s longest-lasting foam, giving runners the energy to do more and go farther. “Nike React is more durable than any other foam we’ve tested in Nike running, meaning it will keep up with the needs of even the most dedicated distance runners,” said Ernest Kim, Director of Advanced Footwear, Nike Running.

And just like that, it’s yet another icon that’ll endure for the ages.

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