Denim Darlings: Alia Bastamam and Nadia Naqiuyuddin

In this special, fashion designer Alia Bastamam customises a pair of Levi’s® Jeans for her music muse, Nadia Naquiyuddin. 
The relationship between music and fashion has always been inexplicably linked. Both a form of self-expression, music and fashion often mean something personal and powerful to each individual. To showcase how one inspires the other, CLEO asked three fashion designers to customise a pair of Levi’s® Jeans based on the music personalities they were paired with.

Did you feel that you were out of your comfort zone working with a material like denim?
AB: Not really, I love denim! I don’t work with it, but I’m a denim kind of girl. I’m very comfortable with it

What were some of the challenges you faced with this project, Alia?
AB: At first, I was a bit lost. I wanted to do something that represented our style and brand, but it’s something I’ve never done, although we’ve always thought about it.

As a fashion designer who also specialises in bridal wear, you are very familiar with working closely with clients to realise their vision. How did you and Nadia decide on the final customisation design, and can you walk us through the design process?
AB: I first decided on the cut of the jeans, because I wanted a pair that says something about our brand, but also still ‘be’ Nadia. When she comes here, she finds that everything is too feminine for her. Collectively we agreed not to go too girlie, and get boyfriend jeans and embellish it. Nadia totally trusted me with this design. I had the idea to use old accessories as embellishments, as it’s unique.

Would you consider working with denim more in the future after this experience?
AB: If we found the perfect denim manufacturer, we’d totally come up with an Alia B Basics Denim line.

Nadia, describe your personal style. Did you like the end result of Alia’s customisation?
NN: I’d describe my style as fun and trendy, stylishly tomboy most of the time, but also girlie once in a while when I dress up in cute bubble skirts or short dresses. Yes, I really liked the end result; the jeans stood out, and you wouldn’t need any accessories to go with them.

What would be the best thing to see yourself doing in your one-of-a-kind Alia Bastamam customised pair of Levi’s® Jeans?
NN: Wearing them during one of my DJ gigs.


You will need:
• Accessories of your choice
• Big pliers
• Small pliers
• Needle and thread

Step 1
Decide on which section of your accessory you will be using as embellishments.

Step 2
Separate the parts of your chosen piece using big or small pliers. If you are using an earring, flatten the needle of
the stud first.

Step 3
Stitch on your embellishments, and you’re done!