Denim Darlings: Zakwan Anuar & Azira Shafinaz, De Fam

In this special, fashion designer Zakwan Anuar customises a pair of Levi’s® Jeans for his music muse, Azira Shafinaz. 
The relationship between music and fashion has always been inexplicably linked. Both a form of self-expression, music and fashion often mean something personal and powerful to each individual. To showcase how one inspires the other, CLEO asked three fashion designers to customise a pair of Levi’s® Jeans based on the music personalities they were paired with.


How did Azira react to the final design?
ZA: She said, “Well, this is nice!”

How was it like working on this project with Azira?
ZA: It was fun! You get to be creative about interpreting your own pair of jeans, and identify the things that can be done to denim.

Have you worked with denim before?
ZA: I’ve touched on denim one season for a previous collab. I hope to work with more denim in the near future; perhaps a whole collection.

What Levi’s® Jeans model did you work with?
ZA: The 712. It was given to me so I took it as a challenge because the material is quite stretchy. I decided to spray paint it, so whenever you wear it, the painted part gets stretched and you can see the paint cracks. To me, that’s nice. It’s texture based on the spray paint and movement.

In your design process with Azira, how did you find that balance between your own design aesthetic and Azira’s style?
ZA: Azira, for me, is a feminine hip hop personality. I wanted to enhance her strengths, which is why I sprayed just one bold line diagonally to give it a striking character.

After this experience, would you ever consider designing an entire denim ensemble for De Fam if the opportunity ever arose?
ZA: Of course, if there’s an opportunity to do so! I already have ideas of what to do with the denim. I think it will suit them well because of their genre of music. Why not?

Are you a Levi’s® Jeans fan?
ZA: I’ve these high-waisted Levi’s® Jeans skinnies, which cut really accentuates the waist. It’s for girls, but is also relevant for guys — especially if they want to add extra inches to their legs!

Azira, we peeped at your Instagram, and noticed that you wear a lot of denim! What are some of your favourite things about wearing jeans?
AS: I’m a very simple girl — my daily outfit is generally a T-shirt and jeans combo, but I’m currently obsessed with ripped boyfriend jeans. I love styles that are comfortable and not too fitted — they tend to make personal styles stand out.

How does your pair of Levi’s® Jeans make you feel?
AS: They’re so comfy! Whenever I buy a pair of jeans I am very particular. They need to complement my body shape. I think the perfect pair of jeans can make anyone feel ultra-confident.


You will need:

• A can of spray paint

Find an area to spray your jeans, or spread some old newspaper sheets to safeguard surfaces.Stand two feet away, and apply the first layer of spray.

Apply four layers in total, and then allow to dry overnight

Finish by applying additional sprays to areas that require more blending. Dry overnight, and they’re ready to roll!