Dreamy Pieces To #Covet From Pomelo Fashion

Written and Compiled by Putri Avantika Sood

Every girl knows that when it comes to shopping, there is a balance to consider: quality and affordability. Yes, we want our outfits to make us look like a million ringgit, but we don’t want to break the bank! The newest releases from Pomelo Fashion may prove that they might just be the one-stop shop that has perfected this balance for us.  

Pomelo has paved the way for women to dawn stylish, well-tailored clothing without the guilt of a huge price tag.  Its style is simplistic yet not too serious, all while using comfortable fabric. The Pomelo mobile app and website means easy access to a multitude of options for any occasion anytime is not a problem.

Whether you’ve got work, a pool day, or a workout class, they’ve got you covered from clothes (including modest wear!), shoes and accessories to swim and workout wear. Literally any occasion. Plus, you don’t have to wait too long to shop for brand new styles, they release new pieces every week!

Pomelo has just come out with a brand new premium collection that gives you feminine, carefully thought-out clothing that can bring you from work to a night out with the gals. This collection delivers stylish comfort in the form of fabrics like silk, linen, cotton and cashmere. Yes, please! No harm in a little window shopping right? 

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Wear The Pants

Premium Polyester Button Accent Culottes, $55.99 (RM226.54)

Not every day can be a denim day. A closet failsafe would be neutral culottes that you dress up or down. A boxy top + earrings + fancy shoes = a combination that takes you anywhere.

Premium Cotton Fold Over High Waisted Jeans $79.99 (RM323.76)

Do some jean experimentation with a pair that has a unique front seam.

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