7 Eyeliner Looks For The Brown Eyed Girl

Bored of the same old look you sport day after day? Well if you have some time and eyeliner, changing up your look is easier than you think, just check out these super fierce (and super simple) eyeliner looks!

Wing It
This one is an oldie but a goodie, and for good reason – the perfect wings are fashionable and flattering for almost every eye shape. With the winged liner, you should typically leave your bottom lid empty, and only line the upper lid to really make a statement.

Layer It Up
If you’ve already adopted the winger liner look, why not add another layer with another colour. You’ll look extra stylish and brighten up your overall look. Go for something shimmery if you’re feeling extra daring!

Double Wing It
If you’re not ready for a layered colour look, then just add an extra wing to your liner for a more dramatic cat eye.

Open Up The Eye
Here’s a liner look that will involve your lower lid; draw a winged tip on your upper lid, then do the same on your lower lid with a downward angle. It’ll give the illusion of bigger eyes and you’ll look super chic and stylish, it’s a win-win!

Get Artsy
You can always add a bit more drama to your day-to-day look by getting a little artsy with your liner. Sit in front of the mirror and get creative, you never know, you might end up creating the next big thing.

Smudge It Out
It doesn’t always have to be clean lines for a put together look. Draw a thicker than usual line on your lids and smudge it up for a sultry grunge look. Be careful not to overdo it or you might end up looking like you got socked in the face instead. Yikes!

Strike Out With Some Colour
Got no time to master a new liner look? Just head to the store and buy a colour liner. There’s no easier way to switch up your look by adding that pop of colour on your peepers.