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6 Underrated Fashion Blogger-Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Fashion accounts are a big part of Instagram, even during the only-square-frame-days, and everyone knows this. Those were the times when you and everybody else would shamelessly take a self-shot mirror photo of your “Insta-worthy” outfits, then post it up on IG captioned #OOTD — super classic, but super ironic, and you’re lying if you denied. Times have changed — for better, thankfully. We can now rely on Instagram full-time for excellent outfit ideas or just to marvel at pretty pictures that were professionally taken and colour-graded.

When it comes to fashion and style inspo, our minds think of the familiar few — sister duo Gigi & Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Sofia Richie (you know, the perks of having famous parents). But there is A Whole New World *cue Disney’s Aladdin theme song* of fashion bloggers-Instagrammers that are outrageously talented and off-centre in the fashion game and we at TeamCLEO thought you should know about them.

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Sally Ashour

Took this vintage dress from my mamas closet ☺️

A post shared by Sally Ashour ? (@sallyomo) on

This vintage-loving gal is a Muslim, but wearing a hijab isn’t stopping her from dressing up or looking cute. She’s an ambassador of modest fashion and she really practices what she preaches. You can tell she has a big crush on Audrey Hepburn just by simply looking at her Breakfast At Tiffany’s-inspired filter and style.

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