Elevate Your Workwear With Fossil’s Fall Collection

Hurray! So you’ve got your first job and you’re probably wondering, “Okay, now what am I going to wear to work?” or maybe you’ve been working for a while now and you’re running out of outfit ideas.

Every time we think about what to wear to work the next day.

It’s easy to just throw on a plain outfit and head out the door, but did you know that dressing up for work is actually important? Not only would you give a good impression, especially to your boss (!!) but you’re also dressing for success, like for real.

According to a study led by social psychologist and TED speaker Adam Galinsky, dressing up would affect your working performance, in a good way. When you’re getting ready for work in the morning, putting more thought into what you wear will make you even more excited to start your day and eventually be more focused and productive!

An article from Association for Psychological Science also states that having a fashion statement item also helps boost confidence. Do you know someone who would always have their lucky item with them whenever they go for important presentations or job interviews? Well, it might not actually bring you luck but carrying your favourite accessory around actually makes you feel more confident. #Shook!

A statement piece can be a great conversation starter and even make you more noticeable in the office. Fossil does just that with its Fall Collection that would be a great addition to your wardrobe — perfect for both casual and work, you can flaunt them any day of the week.

Yeah, gurl. Talk about making full use of your closet. *grins*

Swipe through to find out how these pieces from the collection can elevate your working outfit, make you look instantly more chic and help you save time on styling yourself in the morning.

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Gen 5 Smartwatch, RM1,349, Fossil

A smartwatch that works almost like your personal assistant and actually looks stylish? Here it is! Fossil has recently updated their wearables range with the Gen 5 Fossil Touchscreen Smartwatch. This newest member comes with an extended battery mode which allows it to work for days with just a single charge. The daily mode has your back by keeping track of your daily tasks, while the time only mode allows the watch to only display the time when it’s low on battery or whenever you just want the watch to tell the time. What makes this smart timepiece more interesting is the custom mode that helps you optimise its battery depending on how heavy your usage is, because your life, your rules.

Not forgetting that the Gen 5 also comes with a swim-proof speaker (yes, you can get in the pool with this purrdy watch!). With the built-in microphone, users can now enjoy an audible functionality — get help from Google Assistant or answer calls on the watch itself. Good news for iPhone users, too! Your time has finally come because Fossil has finally developed a proprietary app which allows you to answer calls — making it the first Wear OS by Google device to have this function.

The Gen 5 is also your personal healthcare assistant . The Cardiogram is a digital companion for your heart health as it takes your heart rate data based on daily activities and visualise it into interactive charts, helping you to identify the causes of spikes and dips of your heart rate. How cool is that?!

Great with: Any working outfit! Switch straps if you prefer a more casual-looking wristwear to wear during the weekend.

The Gen 5 Fossil Touchscreen Smartwatch comes with a 44mm case size and an endless strap options. The smartwatch is now available with six colourways in stunning combinations of black, smoke and rose gold.

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