Going Away During The Holidays? We’ve Got Your Airport Outfit Sorted

You may be the kind of person to just put on a pair of sweats and be out the door to catch your flight and that’s okay! Because I USED to be like that. Until one day I was a hot mess and saw a cute guy at the airport but I was nowhere in a state to be looked at.

That’s when I thought ”maybe I should put a little bit more effort into my airport outfits…” I don’t mean wearing a truck load of make up and high heels because that isn’t me either and frankly, a total safety hazard.

But dressing for the airport doesn’t have to be you walking around in your jammys – you can be dressed comfortably AND be stylish too, you know? We don’t always have to aim for Selena Gomez or Gigi Hadid status.

Here are some travel-inspo outfits for you to rock, internationally:

A super cute outfit to get you through the chilly airport! Denim shorts and a sweater thrown over it.


Image: Pinterest

Wanna try and aim for Gigi’s look?


Image: Pinterest

Opt for leggings and a big t-shirt for maximum comfort and style levels! Pair it with sneakers and you are good to go.


Image: Pinterest

If you REALLY wanna wear those sweats, then at least pair it with a plain tee and a denim jacket justify it!


Image: Pinterest