5 Hair Remedies For Taming The Frizz Beast

Living on the equator brings the perks of the either looking like a drowned rat or a frizzy beast. While the wet slicked hair is making a comeback, how do you eliminate those rogue strands that ultimately turn into a never ending clump of frizz on your head? Luckily, we’ve got the step-by-step to get you that frizz-free mane.

Fix it with food.
Need a little strength in your brittle hair before you flood it with moisture? Up the intake of Omegas within your diet. You’ll find plenty of the needed Omegas in salmon, mackerel and tuna. A steady stream of Omega will even help remedy flaky scalps and ward off hair loss!

That essential bedtime accessory.
What is it? Silk, of course! Wrapping hair up in a silk scarf is a tried and tested remedy to keeping hair soft and smooth. It helps prevent friction and static, and ultimately prevents your hair from frizzing up during your night-time tussle. If you don’t think you can keep a silk scarf on through the night, swapping your regular cotton pillowcase for silk would work all the same as well.

Remedy from within.
Rehydrate by throwing in a soothing mask or treatment into your weekly beauty routine. Not only does it nourish your battered hair and boost elasticity, it’ll really bring out that shine and prevent your hair from lying like a dead carcass on your head.

Natural vs. Blow-dry.
While it might seem strange, air drying your tresses leaves it free to soak up the humidity and expand, causing that head full of frizz. So the remedy? Blow-dry it instead. It closes and smoothes the cuticles and is gentler than other heat based appliances that damage and dehydrates the hair. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore a head protection spray. And don’t forget to give your tresses a blast of cold air to fully seal the cuticles too.

Hair oils.
In terms of preventing frizz, hair oils are perfect as it can penetrate further into the hair follicle to smooth and hydrate. If you’ve got fine hair that really gets a-frizzing, there are even hair oils that are aimed for lighter coverage now available. Plus, you can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment if you’re worried about your shampoo stripping away too much natural oils, or even post-shampoo as a styling alternative!