Colours! Fluidity! Shapes! The First Drop Of H&M Studio 2020 Is Here

Amid a life of busy-ness there is a call to the free-spirited. The woman who wants to stand out and be seen in colour, new shapes, a brand new vibe. This is where the H&M Studio SS20 collection comes in.

Made for a modern free-spirited woman, this channels a person whose style is as eclectic as her travels. “The S/S20 collection muse is a forward-looking free spirit – someone who surfs, climbs, explores and who wants to experience new things. The collection is both raw and refined: natural fabrics with raw edges are mixed with refined elements, such as shiny metallics and futuristic accessories. There’s freedom in the way the collection can be worn, too: we want our customers to feel that anything goes,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M.

And we know that this selection was inspired by a research trip to the Swedish island of Gotland. The carefree surf girl is its muse: one who mixes voluminous wear-anywhere dresses with raw-edged tailoring and sporty swimsuits.

Key pieces include the electric pink recycled polyester dress, the limestone-hued viscose-linen cropped jacket with raw-edged hems, wide-legged trousers, the chunky cotton-nylon crochet cardigan, and the statement platform leather ankle boots.

A colour palette of hot pink and cobalt blue with flashes of acid green dominates, set against limestone and cream.

We can explain it as much as we’d like, but here’s where you can take a look and buy up now.

From left: Models wear Patterned hoodie, RM199.95, and Short-sleeved jacket, RM374.95 and zip-hem leggings, RM249.95

From left: Models wear Crocheted cardigan, RM509.95, and Short-sleeved jacket, RM374.95 and draped satin dress, RM279.95

From left: Models wear Oversized shirt, RM279.97 and wide linen-blend trousers, RM374.95; and cotton T-shirt, RM129.95 and flared leather trousers, RM799.95

From left: Models wear patterned hoodie, RM199.95; and voluminous chiffon dress, RM549.95

From left: Models wear Balloon-sleeved dress, RM374.95; and Voluminous chiffon dress, RM549.95

From left: Models wear Patterned hoodie, RM199.95; and wide chiffon blouse, RM249.95

From left: Models wear Voluminous dress, RM509.95 and flared leggings, RM249.95; and Nubuck handbag, RM419.95

From left: Models wear Cotton T-shirt, RM74.95 and short skirt, RM199.95; and Oversized shirt, RM279.97 and wide linen-blend trousers, RM374.95

From left: Models wear draped satin dress; and cropped twill blazer, RM509.95 and wide twill trousers, RM419.95

From left: Model wears Voluminous blouse, RM249.95 and tailored twill shorts, RM329.95; and shimmering metallic top, RM157.95

From left: Model wears crocheted cardigan, RM509.95; and pleated skirt, RM329.95

The first drop of H&M Studio SS20 collection was launched February 20, exclusively at H&M Lot 10 and online at

Stay tuned to the second drop of the collection happening end of May.