Homebred Shoe Brands We Can’t Stop Lusting Over!

If my house was caught in a fire, and I was asked to save one item only… It would be my entire shoe closet. That’s considered as one right? And might as well my wardrobe while I’m at it. I mean, priorities are priorities.

Other than ready-to-wear designs by our local talents, I think it’s easy to appreciate the craft work that goes on behind the creation of feminine footwear of timeless pieces with a touch of our traditional core in terms of design and textile.

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, here are a few brands you need to check out right now:


Aina Syahirah and Julie Anne are two friends who became partners in sync, they both established the Malaysian based, animal-friendly footwear brand in January 2016. I absolutely adore the minimal nuances of Kulet shoes and looking forward to see more upcoming designs from the label in future.

A photo posted by KULET (@kuletstore) on

A photo posted by KULET (@kuletstore) on

Shoes Shoes Shoes

If you don’t know this brand, you probably haven’t left the house for the past 10 years! The mastermind designer behind Shoes Shoes Shoes is none other than Ung Yiu Lin. I have never stepped into one of their stores in KL without having an itch to snatch a pair home. Timeless casual designs to playfully quirky and chic!

Nelissa Hilman

From a chemical-engineer, to a namesake footwear label. Nelissa Hilman was established in 2012 as a passion to celebrate women everyday. Each pair of shoes is handcrafted to revitalize the heritage of Malaysia’s shoemaking history. Nelissa’s signature shapes and intricate designs does not get in the way of comfort, making it way too easy for us to buy each design in every colour!